Westtangente, Public Space (2022)

3 channel videoinstallation with sound, Project Parrots and Swans, Public space, Ratingen-West, DE

On April 2, 2022 a projection of "Westtangente" took place on Berliner Platz in Ratingen-West after sunset.

I grew up in the housing estate Ratingen-West. In the three channel video installation Westtangente I bring together memories of spaces, designs, paths, colors, sounds and rhythms. In 2019, I took instant photographs around the former Parrot Houses (three high rise buildings) and the Swan Pond and staged them in a model made of hard foam panels and found material. In this way, I return the images to an architectural context. The sound is based on a rhythmic sequence by Detlef Klepsch and my voice.

Photos: Alexander Zheleznyak