Suture, Video (2022)

as part of group show Air Drop Simulation at Mullae Art Space / Sul Sul Center, invited by Yeom Sojin, 2022, Seoul (KOR)

Suture is shot in the aesthetics of the experimental film genre. The video has three parts: I worked with photographs, with a tiny sculpture made of glas and with my body performing in space. It is a short reflexion on embodiment and the desolution of bodies.

Suture was the starting point of a series of works that deal with body and space, image borders and imagination: White Balance, Nothing, Subcooled and Likeness (in process). I started this series after I worked on an essay about VALIE EXPORTs works.

The essay was published in 2017 under the title Dekonstruktion von Körper-/Zeichen by VALIE EXPORT in: Künstlerinnen schreiben. Selected contributions to art theory from three centuries edited by Renate Kroll and Susanne Gramatzki.

Photo: Hansu Lee, Ail Hwang