Nothing, Exhibition (2021)

Installation, invited by Roman Zheleznyak at Rottstr5-Kunsthallen Bochum, DE

White Balance is a three-channel video installation based on a performance. I move through a room in a full-body suit in front of a video camera without any predetermined sequences. The room has white walls and a light grey floor. The camera's aperture is wide open so that the boundaries of the room are not clearly recognisable. A single undefined body can be seen in an undefined space. An audio work becomes accessible via headphones: slightly distorted sounds of joint movements and breathing in the room as well as sounds from outside can be heard.

The video work is extended in the room by the fabric work White Balance (textile version) and the electronic music piece Nothing is changing: a montage of an improvisation with a software synthesiser by Detlef Klepsch and a recording of my partially processed voice; our reactions to concrete and darkness, streams and energy. The fabric work shows video stills from one of the three channels of the video installation and transfers the temporal sequence of the moving images into the room: the images are printed on a decorative fabric and lie on the floor, and viewers move along the fabric to see the sequence of images.

The works visualise the idea of dissolving boundaries and involve viewers in this specific perception of space and the body.

White Balance is part of a series of works that deal with body and space, image borders and imagination: Suture, White Balance, Nothing, Subcooled and Likeness (in process). I started this series after I worked on an essay about VALIE EXPORTs works.

The essay was published in 2017 under the title Dekonstruktion von Körper-/Zeichen by VALIE EXPORT in: Künstlerinnen schreiben. Selected contributions to art theory from three centuries edited by Renate Kroll and Susanne Gramatzki.

Photos: Detlef Klepsch