Mondo Grass (2017)

Installation with Detlef Klepsch
at Medienkunstmesse C.A.R. Zeche Zollverein, Essen, DE

Mondo Grass consists of an object scan (70x100 cm), a collection of materials (steel frame 82x37x86 cm) and a video (HDV, loop 3'33). The object scan was mounted on a tripod and illuminated with a dedolight. The material collection consisted of the plant and a protection made of wood fiber boards as well as a collection of photographs and found footage from internet research. The frame was illuminated by a dedolight. The video was played via a laptop. The laptop stood in a wooden box. This box stood on a steel frame. Headphones were lying on the wooden box.


Photo: Anne Schülke, scan: Detlef Klepsch, Anne Schülke