Kunst.System.Relevanz. (2020 - 2022)

Video Talks and Reading Groups, in cooperation with Landesbüro Bildende Kunst NRW, GER

From summer 2020 to winter 2022, I hosted video talks as part of the discursive series MobiLaB in collaboration with Emmanuel Mir and the Landesbüro für Bildende Kunst NRW. I spoke with the guests and the audience about art, about what art was and what art can be, about the system in which art is produced and mediated and about the relevance of art in a time in which urgent social, ecological and economic questions are waiting for answers. I invited Georg Seßlen, Michael Hirsch, Wolfgang Ullrich, Michaela Melian and Ulf Aminde. The talks were accompanied by a reading group.

Photo: Anne Schülke