From the Suburbs, Seoul (2023)

Textile and audio in the public space of Seoul (KOR) from 6 to 30 September 2023 at the invitation of Sascha Pohle. Part of Parrots and Swans.

Translation and voice: Ji Hyun Park and Marion Sherwood

In the 1970s and 1980s, I grew up in the large housing estate Ratingen-West, Germany. Together with artist friends, I returned: From 2019 to 2023 I did research in archives and the streets, developed several works and the program for Parrots and Swans, a kind of community arts project in the public space of Ratingen-West.

In fall 2023, Sascha Pohle invited me for an open studio event in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Outside the building I installed the work "From the Suburbs, Seoul", a banner with a reproduction of a Fuji Instax image I took in Ratingen-West and a QR code that takes you to an audio in Korean and English: A voice speaks a manifesto-like text, asking the listener to reconsider the past and change the present for a different future.


Fuji Instax: Anne Schülke, photos: Sascha Pohle